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Brand: Syngenta

Pack size: 250 ml

Active ingredient: 250g/L Difenoconazole

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composition :  250g/L  Difenoconazole

Discover the ultimate solution for robust disease control with our highly effective Triazole Fungicide. Designed to deliver exceptional results, this systemic powerhouse tackles a broad spectrum of challenges, including leaf rust and leaf spots in both vegetables and ornamentals. Powered by the active ingredient DIFENOCONAZOLE, meticulously formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate, our product is your go-to choice.

Unleash the power of systemic action – our fungicide offers both enduring preventive measures and potent curative properties. Watch as it takes down powdery mildew, leaf spot diseases, Alternaria, and rusts, safeguarding fruit trees, pulses, ornamentals, and vegetables. How does it work? By interrupting sterol biosynthesis in cell membranes, it effectively halts fungal growth, ensuring your crops are protected from within.

Elevate your disease management strategy with our Triazole Fungicide – the trusted choice for sustained crop health and remarkable yields.

Crops Pests Dose
Rice Blast 125 ml/acre
Potato Early & Late Blight 120 ml/acre
Tomato Early & Late Blight 50 ml/100 Litre Water
Chick pea Blight 120 ml/acre
Cucumber Powdrey mildew 200 ml/acre

(200 ml/100 Litre Water)

Mango Downy mildew 200 ml/acre

(200 ml/100 Litre Water)

Apple Anthracnose 30 ml /100 Litre Water
Citrus Powdery mildew 30 ml /100 Litre Water
Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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