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Finer 50sc 200ml Azoxystrobin + Tebuconazole

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Brand: Suvasto Agri Business

Pack size: 200 Ml

Active ingredients: Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole


Product Description: “Finer” is a powerful fungicide designed to stop the development of fungi by disrupting the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes and mitochondrial respiration. It is highly effective in controlling a variety of diseases, making it an ideal choice for crop protection.

Recommended Crop and Dose:

  • Rice: Apply 200 ml per acre to combat sheath blight.
  • Tomato Apply 200 M; per acre to combat early and late blight and antracnoze
  • fruit orchards 200 ML per 100 liter of water in preventive and curative spray

Key Features:

  • “Finer” offers both contact and systemic action, ensuring comprehensive disease control.
  • It serves as both a curative and protective fungicide, effectively tackling various diseases.
  • With its broad-spectrum disease control capabilities, “Finer” safeguards leaves and fruits.
  • “Finer” remains effective even against diseases that have developed resistance to other fungicides.
  • It provides reliable control under diverse environmental conditions.

Pack Size: Each package contains 200 ml of “Finer,” offering ample coverage for your crops.

Product Details:

  • Composition: “Finer” contains 50% Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole.
  • Manufacturer: “Finer” is proudly produced by Suvastu Agri business .
  • Category: It falls under the pesticide category.
  • Subcategory: Specifically, “Finer” is classified as a fungicide.

Choose “Finer” 50% SC 200ml for the best fungicide seed dressing and treatment. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of “Finer” bySuvastu Agri business to protect your crops and ensure a healthy harvest.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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