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Fighter abamectin imidacloprid

Original price was: ₨1,675.00.Current price is: ₨1,450.00.

Brand: DJC

Pack size: 500 ml

Active ingredient: abamectin + imidacloprid

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Introducing Fighter Insecticide by DJC, your frontline defense against pests that threaten your home and garden. This potent insecticide is engineered to provide reliable and long-lasting protection against a variety of crawling and flying insects. Say goodbye to unwanted invaders and enjoy a pest-free environment with Fighter Insecticide by your side.

Key Features:

Multi-Insect Control: Fighter Insecticide takes on a wide range of pests, from ants and cockroaches to flies and mosquitoes. Its broad-spectrum action ensures that you’re equipped to combat multiple pest challenges effectively.

Rapid Knockdown: Watch as Fighter Insecticide works its magic upon contact. With its fast knockdown action, you’ll see pests immobilized and eliminated quickly, providing immediate relief from pest infestations.

Residual Protection: Fighter Insecticide doesn’t just stop at the surface. Its residual effect lingers, creating a barrier that continues to control pests long after application. This ensures sustained protection against new infestations.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you’re dealing with indoor pests or outdoor nuisances, Fighter Insecticide has you covered. Safeguard your living spaces, garden, and surroundings with this versatile solution.

User-Friendly Application: Designed for easy mixing and application, Fighter Insecticide lets you take charge of pest control with confidence. Follow the provided guidelines for effective and hassle-free use.

Safe for Family and Pets: DJC prioritizes your well-being. Fighter Insecticide is formulated to be safe for use around your family and pets when applied as directed.

Defend your home and garden with Fighter Insecticide by DJC. Experience the satisfaction of a pest-free environment where you can live, relax, and enjoy without the hassle of unwelcome intruders.

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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